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What's OEM?

About Production equipment

hygiene management

About Manufacturing system

We use different equipment based on the number of production.Basically, our product is handmade for a small number orders.For a large number of orders, we use large pan & machine.In addition, we use viscometer to check the manufactured products, maintaining all the products has a same touch and feel.OEM prototypes are also handmade.


Filling procedure

Sterilizing the container with alcohol or heat before filling."Filling and labeling" is done manually to fit various containers and capacity.For a large number order, semi-automatic filling machine and manual fine-tune process is used.


Inspection system

For all manufactured cosmetics, we take samples from each lot, keep it in certain stable environment.If there is a problem with your cosmetic product, we will investigate the samples immediately.



We take careful manual inspection process, so that we will not overlook mistakes.Shrink wrapping, boxing, and we ship the products to you.

state of the art equipment

Research equipment

There are various equipment. For example, “SPF Analyzer” measuring the SPF value of UV cream, “Optical Microscope” analyzing for skin and hair, “Microscope” to see the scalp situation, and “Clreo-machine” searching skin date.Collected data are applied effectively to the development and manufacturing of cosmetics.In recent years, we focused on a research of indigenous fungi to develop trouble-specialized cosmetics.

Flow from “Ordering” to “Delivery”

Original raw material

HI-CLERA|Extract of Funabara-Herbs Extract

It has been used in China and other Asian countries traditionally. It’s effective against fever, tuberculosis, cystitis, and some sick.
Recently, Korean enterprises has found that HI-CLERA used in cosmetic products also showed high anti-inflammatory effect.HI-CLERA has remarkable effect on these two symptoms: Suppression of rising skin temperature due to inflammation, and Restoration of barrier function.

“HI-CLERA” ’s effect

  • 1

    Protect skin from irritation daily life

  • 2

    Suppresses inflammation of the scalp

  • 3

    Relieve pain due to sunburn and chemicals,
    Calm down hot flashes by inflammation

  • 4

    Improvement of negative
    ※turnover spiral caused by stimulation

raw material

Product example

・Skin care for sensitive skin

・Suppress inflammation of the scalp and nourishing hair

・Care after sunburn

※Turnover spiral
Stimulation → decreased skin barrier function → Sensitive skin →
Other stimulation → Process goes on repeatedly.
Symptom worsening continues. 

Deinococcus radiodurans

Discovered in the U.S.A in 1956, Deinococcus radiodurans is an extremophilic bacteria that can survive acid, drought and has extraordinary toleranceto radiation.Furthermore, it has a unique quality in which it can repair radiation induced damage in both single- and double-stranded DNA.
Deinococcus radiodurans is unparalleled among all known species in its capacity to overcome oxidative stress that affects all cellular macromolecules.
Oxidative stress is incurred by reactive oxygen species (ROS), which can be produced metabolically or can form upon exposure to physical andchemical agents such as desiccation, ionizing radiation, UV radiation, mitomycin C (MMC), or hydrogen peroxide.

Deinococcus radiodurans displays remarkable resistance to all ROS-generating agents.
When damage is apparent to the cell, Deinococcus radiodurans brings it into a compartmental ring-like structure, where the DNA is repaired andthen is able to fuse the nucleoids from the outside of the compartment with the damaged DNA.Its capacity to repair DNA damage is expected to beeffective for anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, anti-wrinkle, anti-bluelight, and whitening.Our result in actual one-month test targeting womenaged 40 to 60shows that application of formulated cream has improvement effect over wrinkles on 5 places including corner, forehead, and gray line.

“Deinococcus radiodurans” function

  • 1

    Repair DNA damage

  • 2

    Efficient protection of proteins against oxidative stress

  • 3


Deinococcus radiodurans

Product example

・Anti-aging product

・Medicine with DNA repair capability


Famous as “Scandinavian truffles”, DEFENSIL-SOFT includes three active ingredient: Glypholine, Neoglyphine, and Scutigereal.These ingredient effectively inhibits pain receptor (TRPV1), and leads to anti-stress skin.TEPV1 is a pain receptors, respond to stimuli like heat, acid and other inflammatory factors.
It causes itching, skin discomfort and inflammatory stress, or it breaks down the skin tissue.Albatrellus ovinus’s effect inhibits TRPV1 selectively,Relief pain of sensitive skin immediately.

“Dfensil-soft” ’s function

  • 1

    Relieve unpleasant irritation and inflammation to the skin

  • 2

    Protect your skin from infrared induced thermal stress


Product example

・Skin-care products for sensitive skin

・Products for neuro-cosmetics

・Anti-aging products