Ultrasonic skincare instrument
Scalpa is a skincare instrument for the scalp and skin. It works for increasing hair density, improving hair elasticity and hair restoration. Also there are cavitation-effects which improve the skin condition.
Diagnosis of compatibility
There are many kinds of cosmetics in the world; likewise there is an abundant range of ingredients and components for cosmetics available. So it is extremely difficult to find the right cosmetics made from perfectly compatible components for your skin, but you need to select cosmetics to suit the form of your skin care.
Skin analysis
Things we have learned from the study of skin types: Our laboratory conducted an enormous amount of skin research to find that there were changes among skin ridges, skin depressions, moisturizing capacity and other skin conditions which are affected by the seasons, age and environment.
Business philosophy
Firstly, agents for human skin must be absolutely safe. Secondly, we must provide society with genuine cosmetics for true beauty. We must not conduct business in pursuit of our own interests only. Those conclusions brought Mr. Shibata to name our company “Belle Coeur” or Beautiful Heart in English.
What is oem?
OEM/Original Equipment Manufacturer makes name-brand products for specific beauty shops or cosmetic shops. We are able to produce original products for you and accepts small quantities of orders that other manufacturers/OEM cannot. We accept orders from 10 pieces and over for cosmetic shops, and 3 pieces and over for beauty salons.
Overview of company
Belle Coeur Laboratory Co., Ltd. services our customers by producing our products with beautiful heart, or belle coeur in French.
We have been researching cosmetology from different aspects such as internally, externally and spiritually.